My Journey

I know who I am – Emily Ramos. Resident of Michigan (for all of a month). 24 years old. Friend of animals. Companion for two wonderful cats. Loved by a wonderful man.

And lost. I’m working two relatively unfulfilling jobs. I graduated from college 3 years ago with a bachelor of arts in Anthropology. Now I have stagnated into two jobs with little room for advancement that, quite frankly, I could have got right out of high school.

To combat this stagnation, all it takes is a little creativity and some hard work! I’m not sure yet where I want to be in five years. Nor am I sure what I want to be doing. But there are things that I like to do, and if I can pursue them a little more forcefully, I will, with luck, find my right path.

What are these things that I like to do? Well, they are numerous and for the purposes of this blog (and trying to have a narrow focus with which to explore my future) I have narrowed them to four categories right now:

1.Crochet. I love to crochet, have since high school. I know that there are a lot of designers and sellers out there, but that is no reason for me to not try my hand at it!

2.Cooking. I won’t claim to be the best cook out there. But I like to cook and bake. Why not try to make my own recipes that other people will enjoy?

3.Writing. I’ve written for as long as I can remember. I recently found some devastatingly awful writing from my early elementary days. I have faltered a bit recently, but am determined to get back into the swing of it. For more on my current writing, you can visit my blog

4.Editing. It goes hand in hand with writing, really. I don’t have any formal schooling (yet) with editing – but I have the experience. College papers, friends’ college papers, hours and hours of editing my own novels. I’m looking to build up a substantial portfolio of edited work so that I can jump a little better into this field.

I know that these things won’t be easy. I have a lot to balance with it. I have a lot of intermediate steps (hello Etsy!) to accomplish. I have to keep going with my other jobs, I have to balance the cleaning and commuting and everything else that comes with life. But I believe I can do it. And I also believe that it is a worthwhile endeavor to find something that makes you feel alive.

This is my journey to feeling alive again.