Creative Endeavors

The Big Project

Last week my boyfriend, A, came home and told me that he wanted to make a pair of desks for us. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be too expensive (it was pretty expensive), too  frustrating (there were only a couple moments), and that it was going to sit unfinished in our home for weeks, cluttering our already cluttered space.

I’ve been proved wrong! Our desks were finished as of Monday. Well, Sunday actually, but the paint had to dry and they were not in their proper locations! (By the way, it took us 8 hours to prime and paint these things. My back was so painful by the end of the day I was sure that I’d have to go to the ER – but I didn’t.)


We are still in the process of organizing the rest of our things around the desks, but as I write this I am sitting comfortably in my swivel chair, eating some awesome popcorn, and counting the minutes until bed time.

I am most excited about the desk as a work-space for my many projects. Not only can I blog from my desk, but I can work on crochet patterns, make art, and do research for my coming school visits!

On that note, tomorrow I am headed to the University of Michigan for a couple of reasons. First is to check out their archaeology museum. I was an anthropology major in college, and I work at a museum (although it is an art museum, not archaeology), so I am really excited to go! It is also turning into a campus visit, as I’m hoping to scope out info on their grad programs. Grad school won’t be happening for me for a couple years yet, but it is never to early to start preparing!

I’ve got some other projects coming up to share with you all soon. Some are food, some are crochet! Some are even other sorts of artsy things.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today, I hope your day is lovely!


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