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Have you had those weeks when it just seems like you live in a constant state of exhaustion? That’s my week this week. I work a part time job – which has given me more hours than usual this week and that is the start of my tiredness. Adding on, I’ve been cooking like crazy, trying out gluten free recipes and making sure all the food is read for dinners and lunches. Working out has crept back into my schedule (yay!) and I’m still trying to make time to craft. Not to mention more car issues and totally forgetting about things like laundry and dishes.

I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, but I’m putting in place some concrete goals here and now.

1. Finish the “double afghan” that I’ve been working on for almost a year by the end of March.

2. Yoga. Every day. It doesn’t matter how long, or if I do any other exercise. Just every day, do some yoga.

3. Finish meal plans for the rest of March by Tuesday night (that’s March 9).

Those are my three big goals to get me through the next week or so. The rest of it I will do as I can. And as I finish each goal, I can add another!

Do you have weeks when you have to set yourself specific goals? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!


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