Creative Endeavors

The Book of Beautiful Things

In my last post I mentioned the creative project I’ve been working on. To start things off, I will say that this project doesn’t have an end goal. It’s like coloring – relaxing and fun to do – but with the added bonus of being personally inspiring. (And yes, I do have a coloring book gathering dust on the shelf).

I got this unlined journal for my birthday last year. Since then it was sitting 20160112_090128unused and, unfortunately, forgotten. At the time of my birthday last year, I was in a creative drought. I wasn’t crocheting, I wasn’t writing, I was barely even cooking. It wasn’t a shining time for me. I was getting by day to day with Netflix, work, and just hoping my boyfriend would have a good day at work, so that we could have a nice, easy evening. We were living with my mom, and for any adult living with your parent you know – no matter how much you love that person it is a struggle to live with them after you are grown up.

So I didn’t have much energy for creative pursuits.

When my boyfriend and I moved out in November, I was ready to get back on the creativity horse, but I had also just started my second job and was (still) running on empty. It wasn’t until I decided, without a doubt, that I had to find what made me tick that I got back into my creative side. (A time that coincides with the beginning of this blog. But even with trying to recapture all the imagination and wonder of making things and designing things, I have been drained and, for the large part, uninspired.

And that’s where the journal comes in. Sometime last fall I had jotted down a quote at the top of the first page. I don’t know who said it or where it is from, but here it is:

We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.

When I reopened the book sometime last month, inspiration hit. I knew what this journal would be filled with. Quotes, drawings, designs – beautiful things

Now I’ll admit, I tend to be drawn to melancholic quotes and ideas. But not for this book. Only uplifting and inspirational things are going in this “journal.” It will be my place to go when I don’t feel creative, inspired, or uplifted. It is like meditation to open the page, take out my pens, and start work. (Except better than meditation because, let’s be honest, that shit’s hard.)

I am only a few pages in so far, but here is a look at my Book of Beautiful Things.

Page one. Some of the early quotes were pieces from a book about Genghis Khan that I wrote down as writing inspiration.

20160112_090104 (1)

P.S. Sorry for the terrible backgrounds on these images. I’m not in a serious perfect-picture taking mood today.


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