Starting Simple

Hello! I’ve been at work this past week getting started with designing. My first project was simple, because I am a firm believer that one should always start with something they know they can do and work up to more complicated things. Without further ado:

This simple pillow (minus the flowers) is worked in one piece and all single crochet. The flowers were made separately and sewn on. This would be a perfect beginner piece for any new crocheter. The pattern will soon be available here and on my Ravelry page.

For the more experienced crocheter, there are many variations that one can do to tailor their pillow to their own needs. It can, of course, be made larger or smaller, be segmented, worked in stripes, made with the intarsia technique for more intricate designs, or even be a convenient stash buster. The only limitations are in the minds of the creator!

Question: What sort of crochet projects do you think are best for beginners?


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